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Maitland Watershed Partnerships

Working Together to Improve the Environment

The Maitland Watershed Partnerships was initiated in 1999 to identify innovative approaches to improving the long-term social, economic and environmental health of the Maitland watershed.

The objectives are:

  • To develop a better understanding of the major natural resource management issues in the area.
  • To improve the ability of local organizations and agencies to deal with these issues.
  • To build alliances amongst the participants to effectively deal with the issues.

Initially 27 organizations and agencies with mandates relating to natural resource management formed a steering committee. This committee chose three topic to focus on: aquatic systems, terrestrial or natural areas systems, and ecological agriculture. These topics were the basis for the creation of Service Teams that undertook research and demonstration projects. There are currently two Service Teams working on watershed issues:

Terrestrial Service Team - working to protect and restore forest health in the Maitland watershed.

Water Action Team - working to protect and improve surface water quality and quantity in the watershed.

Collaborative Management Plans

Both service teams have made a commitment to using a collaborative and inclusive action-planning process. The power of the collaborative action-planning process is the ownership and commitment that evolves through sharing of information, exploring alternatives, and agreeing on solutions.

The following criteria are used for decision-making:

  • Positive impact for the environment
  • Meets the needs of community members
  • Practical to implement
  • Practical to fund
  • Positive impact for the MWP project

The Terrestrial Service Team and Water Action Team have both developed strategic plans setting out priority actions, which organizations will be responsible for their implementation, and how key actions will be communicated to other organizations. To review and download these plans in PDF format please visit our Maitland Watershed Partnerships Documents area.